Celebrate the 12th year of Philly Materials Day and explore the materials that impact your world at a day of FREE hands-on science and engineering fun for all ages!

Logo: Philly Materials Science & Engineering Day

Stop by the Science History Institute booth to learn all about natural and synthetic fibers, their history, and the different ways they shape our lives. And use your new knowledge of fibers to design your own superhero costume!

Visit phillymaterials.org for information on the day’s other hands-on activities. Special behind-the-scenes tours for high school students will highlight some of the advanced instrumentation and lab spaces that make materials research possible. 

Event sponsors include Boeing, Verder Scientific, and Arkema, Inc., in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, the Science History Institute, and North Penn High School Nanotechnology Education and Research (N.E.A.R.).

For more information, please visit phillymaterials.org.

Featured image: Violet Grenda inspecting nylon yarn at a DuPont facility, 1938.

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For Families

Stories of Science

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Drop-In Tours

Women in Chemistry Tour

Drop in for a tour highlighting the central role of women in shaping chemistry and the material sciences throughout history.

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Books on Medical Astrology

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