Below the surface of our bacterial microbiome exists another, potentially more expansive biome. The bacteriophages that infect bacteria have the power to kill, transfer genes between, and provide selective advantage to bacteria within our microbiome. The number of bacteria in our gut is rivaled if not surpassed by the number of resident bacteriophages. Resident phages may hold the secret to success for healthy fecal transplant to treat numerous gastrointestinal diseases where probiotics fail.

We will explore the history of bacteriophages, what we currently know, and what is being done to harness their power for treating challenging diseases. We will then explore what could be possible if we can manipulate the virome within.

Admission is free! The event takes place in person at National Mechanics restaurant in Old City Philadelphia. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are not required for this event.

Tabb Sullivan headshot, black background
Tabb Sullivan.

About the Speaker

Tabb Sullivan is a principal scientist at Integral Molecular, a Philadelphia-based biotech company. With expertise in microbiology and immunology, Tabb has played a critical role in developing some of Integral Molecular’s drug discovery platforms such as the Membrane Proteome Array (MPA) and SARS Reporter Virus Particles.

Tabb heads the R&D group of the MPA team, where he works to increase the quality and efficiency of the MPA platform. In addition to improving the MPA, the R&D group also uses the MPA to answer questions about basic biology that will form the foundation for therapeutics of the future.

About the Series

Science on Tap is a monthly virtual speaker series that features brief, informal presentations by Philadelphia-based scientists and other experts followed by lively conversation and a Q&A. The goal is to promote enthusiasm for science in a fun, spirited, and accessible way, while also meeting new people. Come join the conversation!

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