Studies in Materials Innovation

Part of the Robert W. Gore Materials Innovation Project, this paper series aims to illuminate the diverse aspects of materials innovation in the modern age.

Patterning the World: The Rise of Chemically Amplified Photoresists
by David C. Brock

Co-Innovation of Materials, Standards, and Markets: BASF'S Development of Ecoflex
by Arthur Daemmrich

Institutions as Stepping-Stones: Rick Smalley and the Commercialization of Nanotubes
by Cyrus C. M. Mody

Innovation and Regulation on the Open Seas: The Development of Sea-Nine Marine Antifouling Paint
by Jody A. Roberts

Sun & Earth and the “Green Economy”: A Case Study in Small-Business Innovation
by Kristoffer Whitney

The Integrated Circuit for Bioinformatics: The DNA Chip and Materials Innovation at Affymetrix
by Doogab Yi

About the Robert W. Gore Materials Innovation Project

The Robert W. Gore Materials Innovation Project illuminated the diverse contributions of materials innovation within the broader process of technological development in the contemporary age. It documented, analyzed, and made known the immense benefits of materials innovation through its white paper series, Studies in Materials Innovation, and public symposia. The Gore Innovation Project was made possible by the generous financial contribution of Robert W. Gore, chairman of W. L. Gore & Associates.