Do we have enough of an understanding of how the climate system works to make useful predictions and projections?

Kenneth J. Davis


What is it like to live and breathe your research?

As part of Sensing Change, our Center for Oral History sought scientists who devote their research to better understanding what makes up our air, how it has changed over time, and how it continues to change. This collaborative group of scientists spans the globe: from Antarctica to Hawaii their field studies and air-monitoring techniques have shed new light on the worldwide state of the air. These investigators use, modify, and create instrumentation to gain an increasingly precise view of our atmosphere. Like the artists of Sensing Change, these scientists use a variety of techniques and data to gain new insight—and share with a broader public—how our climate is changing.

The scientists interviewed as part of this project explored not only the details of their lives and careers but also their thoughts on how scientific data might be communicated visually, the state of atmospheric research, and what the public should know—and do—about climate change.

Come learn more about these scientists on the cutting edge of climate-related research. Watch video clips of interviews, and follow links to see the latest regarding atmospheric science research.

Sensing Change: Scientists