Science and Disability

Science History Institute

The Center for Oral History is documenting the lives and contributions of people with disabilities who work or are currently obtaining an advanced degree in STEM fields.

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We welcome participation from individuals at all stages in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine) pipeline, as well as those who have left the field. This project will enrich the Institute’s collection of oral histories in science through the inclusion of fresh new voices and unique perspectives, and you will contribute to a host of related projects involving academic research, mentorship, and outreach, as well as public exhibitions.

Questions we are interested in exploring include the following: How have the physical and intellectual spaces in which scientists learn and work been unwelcoming or welcoming? How do scientific identities and cultures intersect with those of the diverse disability community? What environmental, institutional, or professional barriers do persons with disabilities face? In what ways has having a disability shaped the experience of becoming a scientist, of participating in research, and of creating new knowledge? What kinds of supports and programs have been helpful and which have been less so?

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