The Bolton Society

Henry Carrington Bolton

Henry Carrington Bolton (1843–1903)

The Bolton Society encourages and promotes the individual love for and collection of all types of printed material devoted to chemistry and related sciences. It also supports the activities of the Othmer Library and encourages book donations from members.

Anyone who believes in the Bolton Society’s mission can join. Members include bibliophiles, academic and industrial chemists, chemical engineers, philatelists, librarians, historians, and booksellers. The Society meets on Zoom and attracts an international membership.

Interested in joining the Bolton Society? Please complete this application.


Established in April 2000, the Bolton Society is named after Henry Carrington Bolton (1843–1903), a chemist, historian, academic, bibliophile, and renowned bibliographer of chemistry. His Select Bibliography of Chemistry created the definitive list of chemical books published from 1492 to 1902.


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