Stefania Buosi Moncunill is an Italo-Catalan researcher with a linguistic, anthropological, and philological background. Her primary interest is the history of alchemy and, in particular, modern vernacular working manuscripts and books of prescriptions. For her PhD thesis (with international mention) at the University of Barcelona in Catalonia (Spain), she edited and annotated a part of the alchemical Testament attributed to Ramon Lull, part of an unpublished 16th-century Catalan manuscript which is an autographed copy of the Catalan alchemist Jaume Mas. She has taught in various international institutions for more than ten years, including as Catalan assistant at Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice (Italy), as a high school teacher at the public Spanish school of the Embassy of Spain in Italy and at the International American School of Trieste (Italy). She also worked in the social field in Israel for the Ministry of Social Affairs. Stefania is a core member of the inter-university Sciè project of the University of Barcelona. Her paper “The Testament attributed to Ramon Llull autograph of Jaume Mas: translation or copy of the work of a Catalan alchemist?” was published in Literature, Science & Religion: Textual Transmission and Translation in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Kassel: Reichenberger, 2020).

As an Allington fellow at the Science History Institute, she researched the vernacularization of alchemy in the Occitan-Catalan area, focusing on alchemical working manuscripts by Pseudo-Ramon Lull, Pseudo-Arnau of Villanova, John of Rupescissa, and others.