Robert Fox is the emeritus professor of the history of science at Oxford University and a former Cain Distinguished Fellow at the Science History Institute (then Chemical Heritage Foundation). His latest book, Science without Frontiers: Cosmopolitanism and National Interests in the World of Learning, 1870–1940 (Oregon State University Press, 2016), is based on public lectures he gave as a Horning Visiting Scholar at Oregon State University in May 2013. Other recent publications include The Savant and the State: Science and Cultural Politics in Nineteenth-Century France (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012); Thomas Harriot and His World: Mathematics, Exploration, and Natural Philosophy in Early Modern England (Routledge, 2017; and The Oxford Handbook of the History of Physics (Oxford University Press, 2013), edited by him with Jed Buchwald. In 2016 he received the George Sarton Medal of the History of Science Society and the Alexandre Koyré Medal of the International Academy of the History of Science.