Jacqueline Boytim is the manager of creative projects at the Institute. She works with colleagues to bring perspectives and insights from humanities research into public conversations around science and society. She conducts evaluations on processes and experiences with publicly engaged scholarship so that she and the center can better hone their methods and share them with others.

Jacqueline has also recently worked with senior managers on leading a multiyear, cross-departmental project exploring the life and enduring legacy of 20th-century chemist and entrepreneur Arnold Beckman. The project used STS methods to examine the everyday practices and social and historical contexts of science that Beckman cultivated; this approach shed light on underexplored dimensions of Beckman’s historical significance and created entry points for others to explore with us. Jacqueline collaborated with the management team on strategic communication efforts, task tracking and reporting, and events planning and management. She also worked with a group of researchers to develop an oral history collection, and she analyzed the use of metaphor and narrative in a lab at a research institute that Beckman funded—as a case study on the role that literary techniques play in the production of knowledge about the natural world.

Jacqueline studied science, technology, and society at the University of Pennsylvania and previously worked in museum visitor services and the Institute’s Center for Oral History.