Two Women Using a Model F Coulter Counter

Women in Chemistry Tour

Saturday, May 28 | 2:00 p.m. EDT

Join our museum’s Gallery Guides for a “drop-in” tour highlighting the central role of women in shaping chemistry and the material sciences throughout history.
Europium (III) Hydroxide [Eu(OH)₃] under UV Light

Critical Metals: The Chemistry of Light

Digital Exhibition

Discover the illuminating history and science of rare earth metals.
Fellows doing research in the Othmer Library

Science History Institute Joins Independent Research Libraries Association

IRLA membership places Institute on prestigious list of some of the nation’s oldest and most distinguished historical societies.
black and white photo of man in an enclosure

Mouse Heaven or Mouse Hell?

Distillations Article

Biologist John Calhoun’s rodent experiments gripped a society consumed by fears of overpopulation.
man in lab 1952

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