Bishop’s leaflets often targeted specific groups. Some were directed at golfers, others at housewives. This one is squarely aimed at the religious community. Bishop’s Christianity is evident in many of his leaflets; even those not targeted at Christians often contained quotes and moral lessons from the Bible. In this leaflet Bishop applies the concept of Lent (a time when Christians deny themselves luxuries) to his campaign against addictive substances. He also invokes the power and fear of the atomic bomb through the inclusion of the “G-Bomb” (the God bomb). Just as the A-bomb had the power to destroy, the G-Bomb had the power to help people give up tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine. Even “infidels and communists” would not be able to escape the blast radius of Bishop’s G-Bomb. In one leaflet Bishop brings together themes of religion, nuclear technology, and the politics of the Cold War.