Vaccinating the World: Understanding ESRI’s Contribution to the Global COVID Response

Joseph Priestley Society
Thursday, March 10, 2022
1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. EST (UTC -5)

Our March Joseph Priestley Society virtual talk features Dr. Este Geraghty, chief medical officer at ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute).

Founded more than 50 years ago, ESRI is the world’s leading geographic information systems (GIS) organization. GIS maps events (where things are) and integrates additional data (what things are like there) unique to each event, providing spatial and temporal analyses. Future occurrences are predicted and related responses are formulated to direct the efficient and effective allocations of resources.

See GIS in action and learn how this tool has been embraced worldwide by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and Johns Hopkins University to help international, national, state, and local governments deal with the management of the COVID pandemic. Learn how the maps and dashboards developed by ESRI’s technologies—seen worldwide in daily newscasts and journals—have helped update the status of the coronavirus and directed the movement of vaccines to populations around the world.

This American Chemical Society webinar is coproduced with the Science History Institute and Chemical & Engineering News.

About the Speaker


Este Geraghty headshot

Courtesy of Este Geraghty

Este Geraghty is the chief medical officer at ESRI where she leads strategy and messaging for the health and human services sector. She has been with ESRI since 2014 and has led business development and solution development in the market. During her time at ESRI, Dr. Geraghty has helped organizations around the world use location intelligence to combat the Zika virus, finish the fight against polio, grapple with the opioid crisis, combat homelessness, enhance health preparedness and response, inform strategic planning, optimize healthcare access, and traverse the COVID-19 pandemic while tackling inequity.

Formerly the deputy director of the Center for Health Statistics and Informatics with the California Department of Public Health, Dr. Geraghty led the state vital records and public health informatics programs. There she engaged in statewide initiatives in meaningful use, health information exchange, open data and interoperability. While serving as an associate professor of clinical internal medicine at the University of California at Davis, she conducted research on geographic approaches to influencing health policy and advancing community development programs. In addition to her degrees in medicine (University of California, Davis), medical informatics and public health, Dr. Geraghty is also a board-certified public health professional and a geographic information systems professional.

This American Chemical Society webinar will be moderated by Bill Tuszynski of the Unami Group LLC and is coproduced with the Science History Institute and Chemical & Engineering News.

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