Under the Sea

Today Ari Daniel Shapiro takes us on a tour of the ocean.

Episode 123 | June 10, 2011

Episode 123: Under the Sea by Distillations Podcast

Two-thirds of the planet is covered by water, which means the chemistry of the ocean is a huge topic to tackle. Luckily Distillations has the help of guest producer Ari Daniel Shapiro, who runs Ocean Gazing—a podcast entirely focused on the wonders of the deep. In today's show, Shapiro takes us to the east and west coasts of the U.S. First, we travel to an underground laboratory off the coast of Key West to learn how carbon dioxide is dissolving the world's coral reef ecosystems. Next, we board the Pontoon Boat of Science off the Oregon coast to see how researchers are using light to study the seas.

Show Clock

00:00 Opening Credits
00:40 Introduction
01:22 CO2 vs. Coral Reefs
07:16 Using Optics on Oceans
11:50 Closing Credits


Special thanks to Ari Daniel Shapiro for guest producing this show. Check out Ocean Gazing online to listen to episodes and download corresponding lesson plans. Also, take a look at this audio slideshow that shows how coral skeletons reveal changing ocean temperatures.

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Additional music composed by Evan Sanders.

Image courtesy of Jim Maragos/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.