Today’s show goes back in time to try to pinpoint what exactly the dinosaurs were like.

Episode 131 | September 30, 2011

Episode 131: Dinosaurs by Distillations Podcast

Today’s show is a blast from the past—the way, way past—as we take a look at a childhood favorite: dinosaurs. It seems, however, that a lot of what is known about these creatures has changed since we were kids. First, we share how new fossil discoveries have fortified the link between birds and dinosaurs. Next, producer Lindsay Patterson follows a scientist who is reclassifying dinosaur families.

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00:00 Opening Credits
00:33 Introduction
01:36 Dinosaur Feathers
04:26 Dinosaur Sinking
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Special thanks to Andrew Mangravite and Jennifer Dionisio for researching today’s show. 

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Additional music from Music Alley. This includes “Jungle Disease,” by The Joneses, “Jungle Witch,” by Clouseaux, “Jungle Seizure,” by Make-Overs, “I’m a DINOSAURus,” by Former Fat Boys, and “I am a Paleontologist,” by TMBG.

Image courtesy of Flickr user InfoMofo.