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There are many different types of crystals we encounter, ranging from tiny to extremely large in size.

Episode 84 | December 18, 2009

Episode 84: Crystals by Distillations Podcast

First we learn about sodium chloride and the role it plays during the cold winter months. Next, continuing our cold weather theme, we take a look at snowflakes and different tools that have helped scientists view their unique shapes over the centuries. And finally, our executive producer Michal Meyer talks with crystallographer Karen Allen about her work at Boston University. Chemical Agent: Sodium Chloride.

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00:00 Opening Credits
00:32 Introduction
01:11 Chemical Agent: Sodium Chloride
03:34 Tools of the Trade
06:15 A Conversation with Karen Allen
11:27 Closing Credits


This show was written and researched by Victoria Indivero, Anke Timmermann, and Maggie Wood.

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Additional music from the PodSafe Music Network. Additional music includes “Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth – Micromattic Remix,” by Micromattic and “Let It Snow,” by Winzenried a.k.a Hollywood Drunks.

Images from the Othmer Library of Chemical History at CHF.