The Oprah Magazine: 20 Best History Podcasts That’ll Make You Rethink What You Learned in School features Distilllations in its roundup of favorite history podcasts.
August 22, 2019

The Science History Institute preserves the stories of important historical discoveries and the people who made them. Distillations is their podcast, hosted by Lisa Berry Drago and Alexis Pedrick, which examines different events in science history. From a close look at the Cuyahoga River fire, which is what supposedly sparked the modern-day movement toward environmentalism, to the history of gender binaries (or the lack thereof), this podcast takes you through the ins and outs of scientific lore.

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proclamation showing illustration of William Penn

Philadelphia Mayor Declares June 10 ‘Science History Day’

Official proclamation invites the public to join the Institute for ‘Curious Histories Fest: A Taste of Water,’ a free, daylong celebration focused on the science and history of water.
Gordon Moore at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in 2005.

Science History Institute Remembers Board of Advisors Member Gordon Moore

The Intel cofounder passed away March 24, 2023, at the age of 94.

Nobel Laureate Frances Arnold to Receive 2023 SCI Perkin Medal

The Caltech professor and Ullyot lecturer will receive the prestigious award as part of the Institute's Innovation Day conference on September 12.


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