vials of powder paint pigmentsvials of powder paint pigments

BOLD: Color from Test Tube to Textile

Take a colorful journey through more than 150 years of synthetic dye-making.

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Group of eleven older men posing with a large taxidermy fishGroup of eleven older men posing with a large taxidermy fish

Fish Hacks

Often dismissed as a “trash fish,” the porgy anchors black maritime culture.

sales display of plastic waressales display of plastic wares

Plastics: Challenges and Potential

This Science and Society talk features a panel of experts who will offer new perspectives on the shifting world of plastics.

Wednesday, December 6 | 5:30pm–8pm

man doing research in a libraryman doing research in a library

Beckman Center Now Accepting Applications for 2024–2025 Fellowships

Submissions are due January 15, 2024.

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gif of chemist in a lab

We tell the stories behind the science.

The Science History Institute explores lesser-known and overlooked stories from the history of science and technology. We dive deep into the history of scientific successes and failures, with a focus on expanding knowledge and broadening our understanding of how science and society intersect.

Collect. Preserve. Interpret. Share.

Through research, storytelling, public programming, and educational outreach, we reveal how science is embedded in our daily lives.


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