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Bad Blood,
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Distillations Podcast

Episode 6 from the Innate: How Science Invented the Myth of Race series.

Yellow Fever at the Lazaretto

Saturday, April 1 | 2–4pm

Join us as we explore the disease’s legacy with a lecture and guided tour of America’s first quarantine station. This free event is part of the Institute’s Innate: How Science Invented the Myth of Race project.
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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Drug Discovery

Thursday, March 23 | 1–2pm

Join us online for our final JPS talk of the season, featuring experts on the forefront of how AI is impacting drug discovery.
A collage showing images of an African American man working in a lab and leaning with his arm around a woman. Behind the images is a graphic of a periodic table and a sign protesting segregation. The background color is lime green.

Percy Julian and the False Promise of Exceptionalism

Distillations Article

Reflecting on the trailblazing chemist’s fight for dignity and the myths we tell about our scientific heroes. This article is part of the Institute’s Innate: How Science Invented the Myth of Race project.
The Alchemist’s Experiment Takes Fire, oil on canvas, 1687

What Does a Scientist Look Like?

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